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Have you ever found it impossible to increase the amount of fish you catch in a day?

…have you ever looked at your TV or internet and wondered how the sport fishing experts make it look so easy?

…have you ever wanted to have more than just one good fishing day out of the month or year?

…have you ever wondered how old-timers throw a line out into the water and have trout biting at their line before they can even take a seat?

…have you ever thought if you could learn just a few good fishing tips, you could have the same success as others?

…or have you ever decided to give up on the whole trout fishing dream because you just can’t seem to find a way to improve…?

So WHY Is Trout Fishing So Damn Hard To Master?

My name is Billy Ray D. HillsBourgh and I have spent over 40 years using methods and techniques that work. My Dad and I use to take these long summer trips fishing the big waters and lakes of America. Those are years I hold dear to my heart and they were also the years where my Dad taught me the ropes on trout fishing. They are still the same methods and techniques which I use today.

These aren’t tips that tell you to buy a certain spinner or bait and expect you to catch tons of fish with them. No sir! I can tell you that those big TV commercials that try to sell you a superbait or lure, are a bunch of baloney. Maybe they do work for a few fishermen, but for the majority, it is one of those too-good-to-be-true things. So stay clear of them.

What you want to do is master the science of fishing. Once you start to understand the fish, you will understand what they are hungry for, where they live, where they enjoy hiding and lots of other information that is specific to the trout you want to catch.

Once you know these tips and secrets, the frustration, difficulty and uncertain melt away. You start to become an expert and can teach your son, daughter, friends and family the same great techniques and secrets you are about to learn today!

Everyone Needs To Start Somewhere – My Failure

My fishing experience started at the ripe age of 4 years old. It was my first years of leaning to fish through failure. It took me some time to learn the techniques my dad was showing me. I can tell you he was one of the most patient men I have ever met in my life; both in fishing and in life.

I know all of you don’t have the time to wait four or five years to learn the way I did. That is why I took only the best of what I know and put it into a format that is direct, informational and without any fluff.

This Is What I Got For You

I put together a FREE mini course to help you get up and running quickly. It is designed to teach you time proven techniques to understanding Trout Behavior, Trout Species and must know information about your Fly Line. There is more to trout fishing than just knowing how to use a rod and bait. It is a very delicate science that you are going to learn right now.

This is a 10-Part Email Course that is jam packed with information you are not going to find anywhere else. I call it “The TOP 10 GREATEST TROUT FISHING SECRETS OF ALL TIME”, where you will receive one lesson per day in your email box.

In My Free ‘Mini Course You Will Learn:

  • The #1 most overlooked factor when fishing different species of Trout…
  • Discover the secret to catching rainbow trout that every professional angler knows!…
  • Trout Fishing Tips for surviving the Brown Trout obstacle!…
  • Trout have an amazing power and they are using it against you. Learn how to beat them at their own game!…
  • Can a Trout see you? You will be surprised what they can see. Use this secret knowledge to your advantage!…
  • Does your fly line really make a difference? Find out in my FREE ‘Mini’ Course…
  • There is a powerful easy to master SECRET TROUT FISHING WEAPON that anglers swear by. According to veteran fishermen, no two factors figure into a good fishing trip more than the two you will learn in this mini-course…
  • Obstacles such as brush, logs and tree roots are great hiding places for Trout. But there is one other that “hands-down” beats them all out. Discover it now…
  • And much, much more!…

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